Family Losing A Grip On A Jewish Identity In America? Jewish Preschools May Help Preserve It

As Jewish children age and embrace American culture, they may start to forget the important cultural traditions of their ancestors. This situation is one of great difficulty and must be approached in a meaningful and effective way. Parents may want to start young by introducing their child to cultural lessons in a Jewish preschool or day school community. Jewish Culture Needs to Be Embraced The unique age and consistency of Jewish culture over the years has been an interesting element and one that has had a huge impact on society.

How To Prepare Your Child For The After-school Child Care Program

If you and your spouse both work, chances are good that you will need to take advantage of an after school child care program once your kid gets to school age. But this could also be a big transition for your child if he or she is not used to interacting with new people. Hopefully going to school will help get your child acclimated a bit, but there are still additional things you can do to prepare your child for an after-school program.