Preschool Program And Art FAQs

What should parents know about preschool program art activities? Now that your three, four, or five-year-old is in pre-k, they're ready to get hands-on and create mini masterpieces. But you have questions about the creative arts and early childhood education. From kid-safe material choices to the types of processes pre-k programs use, take a look at some art-related questions parents have.  Why Art? Early childhood education is more than just academics.

When Do The Preschool Years Start And End For Your Chid?

When is your child ready to start preschool? How many years of early childhood education do they need before starting kindergarten? Whether you're researching daycare centers or just want to know more about what to expect from the pre-k years, take a look at the top questions parents have about timing answered. What Is the Typical Preschooler Age? Pre-k includes the years after your child moves out of the toddler stage — and those that fall before they start kindergarten.