Are You Wanting To Be Foster Parents?

Are you wanting to be foster parents in the hopes that eventually you will be able to adopt a baby or a child? Perhaps you aren't focused on actual adoption, but your hearts are big enough to welcome a child who needs a home, security, and an abundance of love. In fact, you might already even have children, but you still want to open your home to children who need to be fostered in a safe environment. [Read More]

Protect Your Child From Consuming A Food Or Beverage That They Are Allergic To

If your preschooler is allergic to milk-based products and he/she will be attending daycare next spring, the tips below will protect your child from consuming a product that is not part of their diet and will assist with ensuring that your child receives a wholesome breakfast, lunch, and snack while at the daycare facility. Inform Staff Members In Person And Provide An Ephenaphrine Injector After signing your child up for daycare, speak to staff members about your child's allergy. [Read More]

Four Things To Consider When Looking At Preschools

Choosing a quality preschool is important to your child's future education. If they aren't challenged, they can grow bored and develop a negative attitude toward institutional learning right from the start. Preschool isn't babysitting; it is a formalized program to prepare your child for kindergarten and the skills he'll need to succeed there. Here are four areas to consider to help determine which preschool is right for you. Enrollment Before you get too excited about any one facility, you'll need to know their enrollment capacity. [Read More]

Three Steps To Prepare Toddlers For Daycare

Leaving the safety of mom and home and venturing off to daycare is a scary challenge for some toddlers. Truthfully, it is probably even more difficult for mom and dad. However, knowing your little one is prepared for their new adventure can make the process easier for everyone involved. Here are three simple steps that will help to prepare your toddler to take this exciting new step. Step One: Meet Other Children [Read More]